Triangle Pairlist

Since 2001, the PairList has been the number one way for commercial real estate professionals in the Triangle to communicate with one another. With over 575 subscribers your message is guaranteed to get in front of brokers, developers, bankers and more. Perfect for communicating your "haves" and "wants" - the Pairlist allows you to send out information to subscribers and receive quick responses (much faster than doing a property search or e-mail blast service through third party vendors). In addition, you get the most current information directly from brokers responding to your needs.  No more sorting through endless listings looking for the properties you need. The Pairlist makes finding what you need and advertising what you have easier than any other resource available.

How the Pairlist Works

Becoming a member of the Triangle Pairlist is easy. Just pay the annual subscription fee of $50.00 per email address.  Once your payment is received and your account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email. Thereafter, emails sent by other Triangle Pairlist members will flow to your Inbox and you will be able to send to all members by addressing your messages to Communicating your commercial property "haves" and "wants" to the Triangle commercial brokerage community becomes a breeze. Please note that the email address you use to subscribe to the Pairlist is the email address that you must send from.

Subscribing to the Triangle Pairlist

Only $50.00 for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31).   

Ways to Pay:

Do you do business in the Charlotte market? Then you may want to subscribe to the Charlotte Pairlist also. Visit: for details.

Questions / Comments?

Please email Ed Hoel at